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Post-construction Termite Control in Bangalore

Post-construction Termite Control

We ensure that your assets are protected!

Our tailored termite control programme are proven to eliminate termite infestation and protect further damages caused by termites. We are the industry specialists when it comes to post-construction termite control in Bangalore. We at Termite Control India aim at ensuring utmost customer satisfaction and we take immense pride in the work that we do. Our treatments are aimed at preventing termite infestation in constructed buildings & to prevent future attack by termites.

Post Construction Anti-Termite treatment includes ground nesting of the already constructed houses or commercial buildings. A main procedure of post construction termite control includes keeping a constant check within the duration of the warranty period provided. In this process, injecting of the effective pesticide into the layer of the ground wooden flooring and filling up the crevices with white cement is done. This strong layer of chemicals which is enemy of termite, provides the barrier for the termites thus making it impossible for them to traverse. Also, the wooden doors, windows and flooring are spewed with the chemicals to make them 100% termite proof.

We are the most trusted company for post construction termite control (in Bangalore). If you find that your existing home has been infested with termites, the measures taken will be slightly different from those used in the pre-construction treatment. This is how the treatment will be carried out:

Post Construction Termite Chemical Barrier:

This is a treatment that is carried out to protect existing buildings or when termites have infested a building which is referred to as a post construction termite chemical barrier. Termiticide is then applied to all the footings to create a continuous chemical barrier. A termiticide is applied as a continuous chemical soil zone around the external walls, footings and sub floor areas of a building. The termiticide is applied either by creating a trench or by injecting it into the ground. Because termites often use footpaths and patios to gain entry into a building, the termiticide can also be injected through these.

Post Construction in Ground Termite Monitoring & Baiting:

Unobtrusive termite bait stations are placed around the perimeter of your property to detect termites that are heading towards your home. Baits/monitoring systems are a recent innovation in termite control.

There are two strategies for the use of termiticide baits. One involves the placement of monitoring devices containing untreated wood or other cellulose material in the soil around the structure to be protected. When termites are detected in the monitoring device, the untreated cellulose material is replaced with a treated material, referred to as a "termiticide bait". The bait material is replenished as long as termites continue feeding. For the bait system to be effective, the proper number of stations must be installed and the stations must be inspected or monitored regularly. When termites stop feeding, the bait is replaced with untreated wood or other cellulose material. As a variation of this strategy, devices may be pre-baited and placed in the soil in areas where termites are present.

The second bait strategy currently in use involves the attachment of bait devices directly to the surface of construction elements where termites are actively feeding. These devices are pre-baited and are attached to the foundation walls, floor joists, sub-floor and other similar locations. Termites then feed on the bait material. We at Termite Control India are the top-listed and highly-professional entity for post construction termite control services in Bangalore.

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Why avail our termite control services for post-construction?

To give our customers greater assurance, we warrant the effectiveness of our termite treatment according to the packages. Our technicians and workers are trained for the application of strong pesticides at the post-construction sites and are very proficient at providing the best termite pest control services safely and systematically.

  •  Our experts will survey and assess the entire area to determine what the extent of the damage is.
  •  Making note of the access points and how far the infestation has spread.
  •  Holes will be made along the exterior and interior walls of the structure and these will be filled with chemicals; this creates a barrier around the entire house.
  •  The walls and flooring will be treated to ensure that the infestation doesn't spread any further.
  •  Chemicals will be applied to all the points where any wooden features come in contact with the ground or any other part of the structure.
  •  We never compromise on the quality of product and the services provided by us.
  •  We make use of Government approved and 100% environment friendly chemicals that do not harm the environment or the residents in any way.

We are well-known for post-construction termite control in Bangalore.

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"Termite Control India did just that. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job treating termites at my house effectively. Not one termite was left. The treatment was very professional and environmentally friendly. Thanks for all your help. I would highly recommend them!"

- Mr. Rajavardhan Rao