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Post-construction Termite Treatment in Bangalore

Post-construction Termite Treatment

Have you found termites in or around your home or building after construction? We, Termite Control India provide you post construction termite treatment services in Bangalore. Termite control for a building is very essential as the damage could likely cause huge. We carry out this treatment for already existing building structure to kill / destroy live infestations & to prevent future attack by termites.

Termites have the potential to damage your building significantly. So, termite-proofing services are highly essential for any building to eliminate termites attack and protect the wood interiors of the building. We use the latest techniques for treating the termite infestation problem. This treatment consists of drilling holes and filling it with a recommended pesticide emulsion and sealing the holes after treatment.

Termite barrier / treated zone during post-construction:

Termite liquid chemical barriers are applied to the soil around (and in some cases under) the house. It is important to have a complete treated zone around the house, to prevent the termites from getting in without being noticed. Where there are driveways, paths or pavers, the surfaces need to be lifted or drilled to apply the termiticide. We, at Termite Control India are the highly recognized company for post construction termite treatment in Bangalore.

Termite monitoring and baiting systems during post-construction:

Termite monitoring systems consist of bait stations inserted into the ground around the buildings and at other potential termite hot spots on your property (e.g. near tree stumps, moist garden beds, etc). These bait stations contain wood attractive to termites. The idea is that if there are any termites in the area, they will find the bait stations and start feeding on the wood. Once they start feeding, a termite bait (containing a slow acting insecticide) is added to the bait station. The termites then start feeding on the bait, taking it back to the nest and killing the colony.

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"Termite Control India did just that. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job treating termites at my house effectively. Not one termite was left. The treatment was very professional and environmentally friendly. Thanks for all your help. I would highly recommend them!"

- Mr. Rajavardhan Rao