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Pre-construction Termite Treatment in Bangalore

Pre-construction Termite Treatment

Termite treatment in pre-construction stages includes several procedures that must be done to ensure an area of termite-free construction. Pre constructional anti-termite treatment is a process in which soil treatment is applied to a building in early stages of its construction. We, Termite Control India provide the best pre-construction termite treatment service in Bangalore.

The first and foremost step to deal with a pre-construction termite infestation is by treating the foundation with an anti-termite solution, better known as a termiticide. The foundation is treated first because, termites usually enter the buildings through the foundation by building mud tunnels within or over the walls.

Why Choose us for Pre-construction Termite Treatment in Bangalore?

Our company provides this service before the building of houses or any building. It can be done for commercial or residential homes at the pre-construction stages of the building. We even provide the necessary warranty for a good extent against any types of Termite Infestation.

At Termite Control India, we use the quality and permitted chemicals for termite treatment. It also enables your premises for safety against termite attacks for a long time. We ensure your premises is always protected from all kind of termite strikes. We also provide specialized post-construction termite treatment packages that can guard your residential, commercial or industrial property against subterranean termites.

Pre-Construction Physical Termite Barrier:

Physical barrier termite treatments are most often used for termite protection in new construction projects. The physical products are integrated into the structural elements of the building to create a complete ad continuous barrier. The termite barrier is laid either with complete coverage beneath the slab or around the perimeter of the slab and pipe penetrations, depending on your property and requirements.

Pre-Construction Chemical Termite Barrier:

A chemical termite barrier involves applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of your building's foundations. Our Termite Control Technicians are trained to take care of your home or business, working with you to create an effective barrier with the minimum disruption to your premises and its surroundings. These pre-construction termite treatments (in Bangalore) will deter termite infestations from below the surface. The cost of pretreatment is very minor compared to the cost of the aftermath of termite damage. Contact us today to protect your home through pre-construction soil treatment.

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What are the benefits of pre-construction termite treatment:

  •  Pre-construction termite control prevents termite infestation before a colony can get into your home.
  •  Pre-construction anti-termite treatment will provide immediate, secure protection to any structure.
  •  It is less expensive to treat during construction than after the building has been completed.

We are the most well-renowned company for pre construction termite treatment in Bangalore.

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"Termite Control India did just that. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job treating termites at my house effectively. Not one termite was left. The treatment was very professional and environmentally friendly. Thanks for all your help. I would highly recommend them!"

- Mr. Rajavardhan Rao