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Termite Control

Termites need wood for food and soil for moisture, so they constantly travel back and forth between wood and soil. Termites live in the soil and build one of the largest nests. They are connected via trees and structural timbers in houses. The termite infestation is when there are winged varieties that are trying to escape the home. These species are responsible for damage to homes. Termites require certain temperature to survive. They will thrive at places where there is moisture content. We, at Termite Control India are well-known for termite control in Bangalore.

We are specialized in applying pre construction anti termite chemical for large residential buildings, commercial complex, and retails properties in standards. We perfectly understand how pests can make life truly miserable. Whether you are a business institution, home, hospital or any other commercial, residential or industrial place, we use the latest techniques for controlling the termite problem. We provide the very best termite control service in Bangalore to eradicate threat of termites effectively within short period.

How to prevent or control termites?

  •  The best termite prevention starts during the planning stages and continues throughout construction.
  •  It's also important to inspect your home regularly for evidence of termites such as waste materials left behind by dry wood termites, respectively.
  •  Repair leaking faucets, water pipes and exterior AC units, as this may create a moist environment for termites.
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Top measures to control termites at your premises:

Of the variety of pests and insects, termites can easily be classified as the "silent home killer", ranking as one of the most dangerous and damaging insects in homes. Over many years, we are one of the most-identified entity for termite control in Bangalore. There are short term and long term treatments available, depending on your needs, budget, infestation level and type of infestation. Let us take pro-active steps today to prevent and protect your property from a possible termite attack.

  •  If it rains regularly: Prevent water from pooling up around a foundation. If there are standing pools of water that develop after every rainfall, eliminate the places where water congregates because water helps termites to congregate.
  •  Cleaning out your gutter system: Clogged gutters are going to leak and that will create a water source right near a home's foundation. If the gutter system expels water freely into the yard, consider installing basins instead so that the precipitation has a direct drainage system to use instead of creating wet spots in the yard.
  •  Having a good air flow throughout a home is very important: Good circulation prevents moisture build-up and that naturally prevents termites from forming a colony.
  •  Use Repellent Termiticide on Safe Wood Structures: Repellent termiticides help you protect wood that has not yet been located by termites. Use it around sheds, decks, fences and similar areas to help prevent termites from discovering them.

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"Termite Control India did just that. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job treating termites at my house effectively. Not one termite was left. The treatment was very professional and environmentally friendly. Thanks for all your help. I would highly recommend them!"

- Mr. Rajavardhan Rao