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Termite Treatment in Bangalore

Termite Treatment

We ensure 100% effective termite treatment (in Bangalore) for your premises.

Termites are highly relentless pests and if left untreated. The biggest reasons to get termite control is that termite damage can be widespread. These insects eat wood from the inside, weakening it. Termites are even able to cause enough damage throughout an entire structure to make it completely uninhabitable. By not having termite control leaves your home completely unprotected and it is one greatest threat. Termites come up from the soil and feed on a home from the inside.

Termite colonies grow fast. The longer they're in your home chewing away at the interior wood, the more damage they will cause. If you find damages caused by termites or just want to take precautionary measures to protect your home or business from becoming the victim of a termite attack, we, Termite Control India are leading company for termite treatment in Bangalore.

The best pest control is preventive measures that can be taken to assure the home and surrounding area is free of termites. These silent destroyers are capable of damaging the structural supports of the home, compromising the physical integrity of such. They have also been known to damage the non-structural areas of the home including drywall, paneling, carpet and even furniture. Some effects of termites in the home may include sagging floors, pinpoint holes in drywall, bubbling paint, damaged and crumbling wood trim and loose tiles.

Specialized Termite Treatment for any Residential or Commercial Property

We provide the very best termite treatment services in Bangalore. All of our professionals are licensed who can provide a range of expert termite treatment services to homes as well as business premises. We will eliminate the termite threat and make sure that the building is clean to health department standards.

Chemical Treatments
Chemical treatments stop termites entering the building, so you can either have a localized treatment or a full perimeter treatment. A localized termite removal treatment is designed to prevent termites from entering a specific (small) area of the building. A full perimeter treatment is designed to protect the whole building.

Baiting procedure involves carrying out a full timber pest inspection of the building(s), placement of a tamper resistant bait box on current termite activity. The bait used for termites is completely non-toxic to humans, pets, and other insects in the garden. The interception side of the system consists of underground termite monitoring stations (loaded with termite favored timbers and a termite attractant) every three metres around the external perimeter of the building.

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Top tips for preventing a termite infestation:

  •  Eliminate the collection of moisture around a home by fixing pipes and other home fixtures that prone to leaking
  •  Store firewood and lumber at least 20 ft. from the home
  •  Ensure drainage sites remain clean and functional
  •  Divert water away from the house with downspouts, gutters and splash blocks
  •  Routinely inspect the foundation of a home for mud tubes
  •  Dispose of excess wood like tree stumps or yard debris
  •  Monitor outdoor wooden structures for signs of infestation
  •  Maintain an 18-inch gap between soil and any wooden members of your home

If the underlying termite problem is unresolved, you may find major structural damage has occurred and your home/building needs costly repairs. We at Termite Control India are well-known for top-quality and professional termite treatment in Bangalore.

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"Termite Control India did just that. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job treating termites at my house effectively. Not one termite was left. The treatment was very professional and environmentally friendly. Thanks for all your help. I would highly recommend them!"

- Mr. Rajavardhan Rao